Screen Time

Friday is National Poetry Day, so all of this week’s posts will be in verse. Happy Poetry Day to you. May all your couplets rhyme. 

Screen time
And TVs
And sports after school.

And YouTube
And try to be cool.

And shopping
It’s not hard to see
That no one has time
For the sky, for the sea.
No time to sit
No time to be free
And ponder a grass blade
Think of a bee.


You can take your
Damned cell phone
Toss it into a pond

Of mud
And of stargazing
I am more fond.

Your selfies
And shopping
Are just like a cage
For the mind and the spirit,
The words on this page.


Come out
Come out
Come into the sun

Learn to count raindrops
And barefoot we’ll run
Through meadows
And forests
And rivers and streams
We’ll find what we’ve lost
We’ll capture our dreams.

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