Pandemic Poetry: Poem of the Day, 5 April

I ran out of the building wrap we used for the shed today and had to switch to the wrap the builders left behind from the house. It’s lower quality, and unfortunately the printing shows through. So I’ll type out today’s poem, because it’s difficult to read in the photo. Might have to start using a double layer of wrap …

Our hand basin
Who art in the bathroom
Hallowed be thy name
Thy hand soap run,
Thy germs be gone
From hands and under fingernails.
Give us this day our daily scrub
And forgive us for hoarding hand sanitiser
As we forgive those who cleaned out the toilet paper
Lead us not to hoard wine,
But deliver us some nice fruits and vegetables
For thine is the germ-busting power of soap
For ever and ever.

Pandemic Poetry: Poem of the Day, 31 March 2020

Yesterday was Monday, and normally I would have written my weekly blog post at the cafe next to work in the hour before I start. Obviously, that didn’t happen, on the fifth day of our national lockdown. 

But as I pledged to do last week, I’m focusing on the positive. My pandemic poetry, bad as it is, has caught the eye of the neighbours who walk past on their daily outings.

“Mum! There’s another one!” a little girl shouted yesterday.

Mum took it as an opportunity for some homeschooling, having her child sound out the tricky word pandemic.

So the poems are doing exactly what I’d hoped, giving at least a few people something novel and upbeat to discover every day. Easing the strain of our forced solitude, and maybe even eliciting a chuckle now and then.

And when this is over and we can actually go and meet our new neighbours, we’ll have a way to break the ice. I can hear it now …

“Oh, you’re the ones with the poems on the fence!”