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DDLPromosmWant a local author to visit your classroom? I am based near Christchurch, New Zealand, and am available for appearances throughout Canterbury and beyond. Whether you want a simple assembly programme or an in-depth writing workshop, I can provide your students with an inspiring and engaging experience. Book a visit today!

TeacherFeedbackAuthor presentation: 60 minutes (45 minutes for years 1-4), classroom or assembly

In this presentation I talk about the important characteristics a writer should have (using my own writing journey as an example) and I outline my writing process. I read an excerpt from one of my middle grade or young adult novels, and engage the children in some creative thinking challenges.

Workshops: 60 minutes, maximum 30 students, years 5-13

What Makes a Story?
In this workshop, we examine story structure and the importance (and fun!) of story planning. Students will plan and outline a short story of their own.

World Building
In this workshop, we look at the components of story settings, how to create believable worlds, how to decide what details to include, and when to introduce them in the story. Students will begin developing a world for a story.

In this workshop, we consider what makes a character interesting for a reader, and how to create characters with depth, conflict, and individuality.

Writing Olympics
This workshop is a fun series of activities designed to encourage creativity and no-stress rapid-fire writing. Students “compete” in writing challenges that are then judged by the group for points.

Creepy Characters
This workshop explores how to use real-world facts to support and inspire fictional characters. I introduce students to several live insects, discussing the adaptations and special abilities each animal posesses. I discuss how I use facts to inform my fiction and create believable characters who do unbelievable things. Students are challenged to create insect characters that use or enhance the real-world adaptations of the insects.

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