The Dragon Defence League Series

Your father was a dragon slayer. You must become one too.

But what if dragons aren’t the real enemy?

Four dragon-filled adventures set in beautiful New Zealand.

I haven’t seen my 7-year-old son so excited about a book since Harry Potter.


Nathan is shocked to learn his father is dead, and even more shocked to learn he was a dragon slayer. Everything he thought he knew about his father was a lie. But he has no time to think about what it means before he is whisked off the the Alexandra School of Heroic Arts to train as his father’s successor. At school, Nathan and his new friends soon learn: dragons are not what they thought, neither is the schoolmaster, Claus Drachenmorder, and Nathan’s dad might not be dead … yet.

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Tui, Nathan, Ella and Oliver have saved Nathan’s dad. Now they have to save the dragons. Can they convince dragons and humans to work together? Not everyone is happy with their plans, and some are willing to kill to prevent them from succeeding.

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Bringing down an international dragon smuggling ring requires bravery, teamwork, quick thinking, and a touch of arson. Do Ella, Nathan, Tui and Oliver have what it takes, or will they become casualties in their own war against the smugglers?

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Something lurks in the mountains—a legend of ice and snow, threatened by climate change. When the Dragon Defence League is called in to investigate, they embark on their most audacious mission yet. A mission that will take them to the ends of the earth and require the help of a nation. Can they pull it off before it’s too late?

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A series of short mockumentaries about the dragons of New Zealand. More to be released throughout 2023!

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A complete, no-prep novel study unit for The Dragon Slayer’s Son. 57 pages including: vocabulary lists and activities, discussion questions, reading response activities, printable worksheets, and before-and after-the book activities. Includes a digital version which provides all student materials in fillable Google Slides.

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