Stories and Books


The Dragon Slayer’s Son (a middle grade fantasy)

A Glint of Exoskeleton (a middle grade adventure)

Insects in the Classroom (an activity guide for years 0-6)

COMING 31 July 2017: Backyard Bugwatchers (how to identify and care for New Zealand arthropods, for all ages)

IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS 2017: Brisket’s B&B (a middle grade fantasy involving a twins, a witch, and an unfortunate pair of goldfish)



The Pied Piper (winner of 2017 Lexicon Short Story Award)

To the Centre of the Earth (winner of 2016 AuContraire Short Story Award)

Mannequin (published in Work Literary Magazine)

How the Albatross Got its Wings (published in Fickle Muses)

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Peace Corps in Panama: Fifty Years, Many Voices (edited by Meredith W. Cornett)

COMING in 2018: Putting the Science in Science Fiction (edited by Dan Koboldt)

Guest Blogs:

Insects in Fiction: What Bugs Me (on Science in Science Fiction, Fact in Fantasy blog)

Gender Determination in Fantasy Creatures (on Science in Science Fiction, Fact in Fantasy blog)