Saving a people is hard enough. How do you save a god?

In the final book of the Fatecarver trilogy, Kalish’s magical power grows along with her influence. Her once rag-tag band of followers swells as clans fall to her mother’s strangling grasp. The rebellion she started becomes a full-scale insurrection bent on societal change. 

As the powerful Fatewalker leading the uprising, Kalish is treated like a god—revered, feared. Her role pushes her further and further from her heart’s desires—a normal life, a home, family. She dreams of a day in the future when she will live in peace, with love. 

But the god, Iskra, is depending upon her to save her people from greed—specifically her mother’s greed.

When her mother destroys Iskra’s last stronghold, Kalish must draw on every bit of her power to bring the god back. But her power alone isn’t enough, and resurrecting a god requires sacrifice. One that may cost her all her dreams.

Coming August 2023.