Stormy Weather

Somewhere out there...

Somewhere out there…

Don’t know why
There’s no internet or wi-fi
Stormy weather…

Rural life is great, but these days, when so much of our lives revolve around connecting with others via the internet, rural living can be a lesson in frustration.

Not only does our normal “broadband” speed make us wax lyrical about dial-up, but on rainy days, we’re lucky to connect at all.

Our internet comes to us via a transmitter on the Port Hills, about 50 km away. The receiving dish on the roof must have line-of-sight access to that transmitter in order to receive a signal. Installing it required cutting down two trees that were in the way, and involves regular trimming of a bush that threatens to grow too tall.

It also means that when there’s a lot of rain between us and the transmitter—particularly if it’s a fine, misty rain—we get no internet signal. Compound that with the fact that our phone line now goes through the internet, and rainy days cut us off from the world.

Enter today’s weather—exactly the sort of fine, misty rain that isolates us. Want to do some research? You’re stuck with whatever books you’ve got in the house. Want to ring the vet? Not today. Post your blog? Not likely. Check your e-mail? Forget it.

Makes it a good day for writing, I suppose.

And if I’m lucky, the rain will clear briefly so I can post this blog…

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