Entogeeks Anonymous

wellingtontreeweta3cropYou know you’re an entomologist when…

You find aphids on your lettuce, and eat it anyway.

You apologise to the grass grubs before squishing them.

You rescue the earwigs and lacewing larvae floating in the sink after washing vegetables.

You drop everything when you hear someone say, “Wow, look at that bug.”

You waste hours at work watching the spider on the window.

You keep a hand lens and a microscope within arms reach at all times, just in case.

The glove box of your car contains a folding insect net and several jars.

You sit down to write the day’s blog (a nice poem, you think), and get sidetracked for an hour trying to determine whether Mantophasmatodea is still considered a separate order or whether it is now grouped with the Grylloblattodea in the new order Notoptera.


3 thoughts on “Entogeeks Anonymous

  1. I found myself looking for stick insects to spy on in a hospital waiting room once…even though the plant was plastic… I can’t help it…bugs brighten my day…

    Speaking of stick insects, I don’t suppose you know where the best place to spy on them in Christchurch is, if one exists? I did see a couple up Huntsbury Hill once, but none since. I’m hoping you might have some insider information. I’m officially in withdrawal…


    • Not in Christchurch per se, but there are lots in Ohinetahi Bush Reserve (along Summit Road, across from Kennedy’s Bush). And I used to collect them at a friend’s place in Little River. I expect most anywhere on the Banks Peninsula you can find them. And a friend once gave me a gorgeous spiny stick insect they found on a rose bush in their back yard in the city. So they’re out there … Good hunting! 🙂


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