Pandemic Poetry–2021 Edition, #9

Today’s poem is a bop. The rules for a bop are intriguing:

Stanza 1: 6 lines long, introduces a problem.
Stanza 2: 8 lines long, elaborates on the problem.
Stanza 3: 6 lines long, solves (or describes a failed solution to) the problem.
After each stanza is a 1-line refrain.
There are no requirements of line length, rhyme or rhythm. Just enough structure to inspire.

I zone out as
the meeting drags on.
Someone’s turned their
video off, someone’s left
their audio on.
The awkward online dance.

The sun shines brighter outside.

Would anyone notice
if I stepped out
to water the plants,
feed the cat
weed the garden?
Would anyone care?
Would they envy
my boldness?

The sun shines brighter outside.

Video off, audio on mute
I tiptoe out,
giggling as I go.
The air is warm.
Flowers nod their greeting
as I reach for the garden gloves.

The sun shines brighter outside.

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