Vacation Day?

2016-01-22-14-08-29-smThe list of things I have accomplished today is plenty long enough—I prepared two garden beds, attended a virtual writers’ meeting, paid the monthly bills, entered six months worth of information into my cashbook, made a huge batch of cookies, cleaned and organised my office, took the lawnmower to the mechanic for repairs, finished and sent off a guest blog post…

But I’m sitting here at 4pm feeling guilty that I’ve lazed around today—practically took a day off and did nothing!

It only feels that way, I think, because I got up before 4am to take a cheese out of the press and make it to my meeting on time (it was scheduled at a reasonable hour…in the UK—4am my time). I’d finished preparing the garden beds before 9am, and had dropped off the lawn mower before my second cup of coffee before 10am.

I did a little of this, a little of that—no long hard slog on any one task. Only the cashbook was a drag of a chore (as you might guess since I had ignored it for six months)—the fact I did it at all makes me think I clearly didn’t do enough today, otherwise I would have been able to put it off again.

It would be nice if every day went like today—if I ticked off a whole raft of things from my list and ended the day feeling like I’d been on vacation. Of course, if it meant being up before 4am every day, I’m not certain I could manage. Pretty soon I’d feel like my vacation involved a long plane ride and serious jet lag.

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