Garden of Colour

IMG_1454I don’t get to visit my parents very often, as they live on the other side of the planet. When I do, I am always struck by my mother’s garden.

For me, flowers are a second-thought. I like them, but I’m so focused on the vegetable garden, I don’t have the energy leftover for the effort of growing flowers. Nor do I really have the water to keep them growing through summer.

IMG_1453 (1)My mother, however, focuses on flowers, and her garden is a stunning show of colour. It’s amazing to me the wide variety of plants she packs into such a small space!




2 thoughts on “Garden of Colour

  1. I don’t usually focus on flowers for the same reasons you posted. I am trying to change that a little though.

    I am letting some of my food plants flower rather then just remove them at the end of their lives. For instance, arugula plants have pretty long lasting flowers.

    I am also starting to plant more native plants. We have a variety of sage type plants in Southern CA that have nice flowers. They need almost no water to stay a live, but with some water should flower nicely. They will also be good for attracting pollinators.

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    • Yes, we have lots of natives, and I let as much go to flower as possible, to attract the pollinators and parasitoids that feed on my pests. I love flowers, too. They’re just way down on the to-do list.


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