Disrupted and Disgruntled

In the basket--that lasted about 10 minutes.

In the basket–that lasted about 10 minutes.

No one likes to have their routine disrupted. And no one hates it more than a cat.

I recently took the bean bag chair out of my office. The cat was the only one who sat on it there, and the build-up of cat hair on it was triggering my allergies.

I cleaned off the hair and put it in the living room, where we’ve been enjoying it.

Well, everyone except the cat.

In the recycling box--a bit small for him.

In the recycling box–a bit small for him.

He used to spend all day sleeping in the chair in my office. Now he doesn’t quite know what to do. I’ve provided him a basket in the office, but he doesn’t want anything to do with it. He also won’t sleep on the bean bag chair in the living room. Instead, he prowls from one spot to another, spending no more than a few minutes in each spot. In between naps, he sits at my feet and howls his indignation at me, punctuating his howls with vicious bites (it’s a good thing I wear jeans).

He’ll get over it, eventually, as we all do when change happens. At some point, we’ll get tired of the bean bag chair in the living room (it takes up an awful lot of space in there), and it will move back to my office. Then the cat will be pissed off at me for putting the bean bag chair into the office, and we’ll have to deal with his disruption all over again.

Change is tough.

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