2016-04-08 15.50.22 smThe girl was saving up her money.

I should have known she was aiming for something like this. Metre-and-a-half high stilts weren’t enough, nor juggling balls, nor devil’s stick, nor diabolo, nor feats of strength and flexibility.

It arrived in the mail today, and in spite of a looming piano recital, she assembled it after school and spent her potential practice time repeatedly throwing herself off the seat and onto her backside, laughing the whole time.

She’s clearly preparing for the day she’ll run away to the circus.

If she keeps it up, she’ll be able to start her own one-person circus.

2 thoughts on “Unicycle

  1. Bay was just given a unicycle last weekend, she may need some company to laugh and fall with. Perhaps by now ‘the girl’ has is it down. Our shortage of flat land hasn’t been helpful, but I’ll let Bay know she’ll have a riding buddy if she keeps up the practice.

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