Attack of the Killer Squash

2016-02-08 14.12.02 smOne of the new varieties in my garden this year is the Jumbo Pink Banana Squash.

It is neither pink, nor banana-like, but it IS jumbo—both plant and fruit.

Really jumbo.

Like, scary jumbo.

Like, “how are we going to eat even one of those?” sort of jumbo.

And earlier this week, they grew to, “OMG they’re going to take over” jumbo.

45 cm (18 inches) long and still growing...

45 cm (18 inches) long and still growing…

I walked down the centre path in the garden, past the sweet corn, and something grabbed my face.

It was a pink banana squash tendril, a good five metres from the closest plant and hovering at eye level. As I recoiled and realised what it was, I couldn’t help exclaiming out loud, “It’s a pink banana squash!”

I was sure I heard a deep, “Mwahahaha!” in response.

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