This Old House

2016-01-24 17.36.20The next time someone gushes about how they’d love to live in a quaint old cottage like ours, I’m going to make them do the maintenance on ours for a year. I reckon they’ll stop wishing for a quaint cottage pretty fast.

Yesterday I washed the outside of the house (because if I don’t do it once a year, the dirt and spiders claim it as their own). When I wash the house, I always check for spots that need repainting or repairing. Most years, I can get by with limited painting on the worst areas of the house.

This year it was clear the entire house needs to be scraped and painted.

And there are some weatherboards that need replacing.

And some windows that need a bit of glazing work.


Where’s Bob Vila when you need him?

Actually, forget Bob–I want his staff.

While some of them are painting, the others could be fixing the leaky roof, replacing the rotting piles, and doing something about the damp floor in the dining room. Insulation would be nice, too.

Oh, and while they’re at it, maybe they could build us a big new addition.

Then we could bulldoze the old part of the house, and…


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