Carpe Diem

2016-01-22 14.08.29 smI had a lot on my to-do list today—Painting the office, washing the house, fixing a tap, weeding the garden, laundry…

I also hoped to have a chance to work on a new short story, a jeans jacket, and a rug.

But when it hit 33˚C (91˚F) by 10 am, and my paint was skimming over in the can and drying instantly on contact with the wall, I knew something had to be done.

Something drastic.

I called the kids for a meeting.

“It’s hot,” complained my daughter.

“Yes. It is. Should we go to the beach?”

The vote was unanimous, so while I put away paint brushes and ladder, the kids gathered boogie boards, towels and togs.

In five minutes, we were on the road.

It was a brilliant day for swimming—big waves, a gentle sea breeze, sand hot enough to peel skin…

And the chores will be there tomorrow.

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