The Evil of Summer Vacation

Who can resist when summer calls?

Who can resist when summer calls?

I know that many of my readers are in the Northern Hemisphere, and they’ll play their little finger-violins for me as they muddle through another dreary January day, but I’m facing the problem I face every year during summer vacation—I can’t go inside.

There is so much to do outdoors—weeding, unending DIY on this wreck of a house, mowing, animal care, harvesting—that I neglect indoor things. The weather doesn’t help—blue skies and warm breezes—because I think I need to take advantage of the good weather while it lasts.

And if by some miracle I feel like I’ve caught up on the outdoor tasks, well, that’s just an excuse to go to the beach!

So the house gets messier, the bathroom remains uncleaned, I forget to pay the bills, I ignore the shopping.

I blog mostly after dark (which is difficult, because the days are so long), and only read the news or check social media at times when I have no choice but to be indoors (like when I’m pasteurizing the day’s milk).

I actually look forward to days when the weather is poor so I can catch up on the indoor chores.

And so I was secretly pleased when the wind shifted this afternoon, and the hot sun turned to chilly drizzle. I retreated to my office to deal with paperwork, get the day’s blog finished, check my e-mail, and maybe (if the clouds remain) eve do a little sewing.

The house cleaning?

Well, I doubt I’ll get to that…it is still summer vacation, after all!

One thought on “The Evil of Summer Vacation

  1. I completely sympathise. Since moving into this new property and not only trying to completely redesign the garden whilst starting my own business, I simply had to follow some Summer rules. Firstly, alarm was set for 05:00 am. I have to leave the house by 08:15 am to get my Son to school so what housework wasn’t done by that time, wasn’t done. I would work solidly outside until 15:00 when I needed to leave to pick up my boy, at which point, it was cook tea, do homework with my boy and then back outside until sun down. The winter is completely different and I can’t wait until my alarm goes off AFTER the Sun has come up. And at the end of the day, if my Husband thinks the house is a mess – he can hire a cleaner 😉

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