Fridge Magnets

100_3570 sm“Amby the Ambulance says dial 111 in an emergency!”

“Lincoln Dental—Where great smiles are made!”

“Healthline—24 hour free health advice!”

“Ace High Plumbing—Home of the royal flush!”

The front of the refrigerator is plastered with magnets from various businesses and organisations. The magnets hold up the critical documents that form the command centre of the house:

  • This week’s calendar, showing who is taking which bus to and from school, who has band practice when, and who is out of town or needs extra money for a school field trip.
  • Library check-out receipts so we know when we have to return the latest clutch of books.
  • A running grocery list which I add to as I finish off things in the kitchen.
  • Emergency phone numbers.

Move to the side of the fridge, and you leave the rational, logical command centre and enter the twilight zone of fridge magnet poetry. With two whole sets of fridge magnet words, and a house full of…um…creative people…you never know what you might see there.


“Together they must beat the monkeys

Who eat their friends

These windy sunny days

Still my head aches from the blow”

















If I had to analyse the family on the basis of our fridge magnets, I would say we are a well-organised bunch of lunatics!

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