Extra meals, extra time

Stop and smell the roses...or at least weed them.

Stop and smell the roses…or at least weed them.

My husband is away for two weeks. Before he left, we made sure there were meals ready-made in the freezer, so that my job as sole parent would be easier, particularly on those nights when extracurricular activities meant we didn’t get home until late. I also made sure that, over the weekend, I made extra burgers, so we had another quick meal in the fridge.

As I considered the meals available and our schedule for this week, I realised that I don’t need to cook at all this week.

Which, of course, begs the question, what do I do with that extra hour of my day?

The weather has been lovely, so I’ve been spending those pre-dinner hours outside—washing the car, weeding the flower beds, tidying downed branches in the yard…

It almost feels like cheating, and I have to remind myself that I did put in the hours to make the meals we’re eating this week—I just did it ahead of time.

Though I enjoy cooking, and have no problem spending an hour or more preparing our evening meal each day, the break is nice. The car and the yard are looking much nicer for it!

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