The end of summer

Tomatoes in the greenhouse, still going strong...for now.

Tomatoes in the greenhouse, still going strong…for now.

And here it comes…the Metservice forecast for tomorrow…

A few spots of early rain, followed by fine spells and scattered showers with hail, and possible squally thunderstorms. Snow lowering to 400 metres from afternoon. Cold southwesterlies, becoming strong about the coast in the afternoon.

It’s time to batten down the hatches, rescue the last tomatoes and zucchini, and bring firewood to the porch. I gave the goats some extra bedding (and will do the same for us, too!), and I’ve tucked down the edges of the small tunnel house in the garden, in the hopes of eking out a few more peppers and eggplants.

I’m ready, as I usually am by mid-April, for the summer to be well and truly over. I’m ready to let the chickens loose in most of the vegetable garden, to control the weeds for me over winter. I’m ready to stop frantically preserving the summer’s bounty and start eating what I’ve saved.

Not that there isn’t gardening to do in the winter. My “winter” vegetable garden is bigger than many people’s summer garden, but it is still less than a quarter the size of the summer garden, and feels like a holiday. I’m looking forward to starting that holiday soon.

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