Cat Behaviour

2016-11-01-18-45-54-hdr-smI think the cat’s getting old.

Unfortunately, he’s not anywhere close to dying—we’re likely to have to put up with him for another 10-15 years.

But I think the Malevolent Beast from Hell is beginning to appreciate comfort and companionship more than he’s willing to admit.

As I type, he is sitting on my lap—a place he has steadfastly refused to ever spend any time before.

And a couple of weeks ago, the evening after I came home from several days away, he jumped up onto the couch with me, and curled up as close as he could—practically on my lap–purring loudly.

This from the cat who has always viewed humans as unclean. He usually tolerates being picked up, but clearly hates the experience, and struggles to get down after just a few seconds.

If he didn’t appear entirely healthy otherwise, I’d think he was sick.

But, then, just this morning he ambushed me in the yard and tried to disembowel me, and he did give me the evil eye when I picked him up, so he must be feeling okay.

But he’s going soft. Next thing you know, he’ll be choosing to be in our presence, maybe even jumping into our laps unbidden.

Or, maybe he’s just lulling us into a sense of security before he eats us…

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