Harvest time, Time to harvest

100_4237 smI picked peas today.

That was all.

Well, yes, I did a few other things, like laundry and cooking dinner and whatnot, but my day was pretty much given over to picking and processing peas.

Tomorrow I will do the same with currants and raspberries.

The next day we will pick cabbages and make saurkraut.

And it will be time to pick peas again.

When George Gershwin wrote the lyric, “Summertime, and the livin’ is easy,” he obviously wasn’t thinking like a gardener. Oh, food is plentiful—more than plentiful—but getting that food to the table or stored away for leaner times doesn’t make for easy living.

2 thoughts on “Harvest time, Time to harvest

    • I have four varieties, all of which are in there: sugar snap dwarf, snow pea goliath (the ones that ‘get away’ make fine shelling peas), blue shelling pea (lovely tall climber with stunning purple flowers and pods), and greenfeast (‘field’ peas–low, prolific shelling peas).

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