Strangest Kitchen Tool Ever

100_4012 smStuck to a screw head in the bottom kitchen cupboard where mouse traps nestle alongside the water heater is the strangest kitchen tool. It’s a DIY affair made of a discarded cabinet latch plate and four small rare-earth magnets. It is seldom used, but absolutely critical when it’s needed.

It’s the Canning Lid Extraction Device.

For some reason known only to the gods (who are laughing uproariously about it, I’m sure), the drain of our kitchen sink is exactly the same diameter as a wide mouth canning lid. Exactly. And, you know, when you’re washing a jar, you just toss the lid into the wash water, not thinking. It floats innocently down, guided inexorably to the lowest point of the sink—the drain—where it gently settles in, just as you think, “No! I dropped a lid in!”

And once one settles into the drain, there is absolutely no way to get even the thinnest tip of a knife in there to pry it out. It’s stuck. Forever.

Or, it would be without the handy dandy Canning Lid Extraction Device.

Where would we be without magnetism! The powerful magnets latch onto the lid and pull it right out. The old latch plate acts as a convenient handle for wet, soapy hands. The perfect tool!

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