Garden Update–24 August

100_3612The greenhouse and the first of the garden beds have been cleared of weeds and prepared to receive plants!

The first plants to go into the greenhouse won’t stay there long. They are the early crops that need just a little extra warmth now, but will be planted out into the garden in just a few weeks. These plants have spent the past week in my office, with a little overnight heat to help the seeds germinate. Now they’ve moved to the greenhouse, making way for the late season crops in the office.

I start the vast majority of my vegetables indoors, because I get much better and more even germination there, and it protects the seeds and very young seedlings from the voracious birds and slugs that prowl the garden.

Over the past two weekends, I’ve planted the following in seed trays:


Broccoli (de Cicco)

Cabbage (Puma)

Pak Choi (Joi Choi)

Broccoli Raab (Spring rapini)

Cauliflower (Snowball)

Pepper (Jalapeño Early)

Pepper (Marconi Red)

Pepper (Thai Super Chilli)

Pepper (Mini-Stuffer)

Pepper (Muscato)

Pepper (Cabernet)

Eggplant (Tsatsoniki)

Eggplant (Tokyo Black)

Eggplant (Eclipse)

Snow Pea (Goliath)

Sugar snap pea tall

Blue Shelling Pea

Lettuce (Danyelle)

Lettuce (Merveille de quatre saisons)

Lettuce (mesclun mix)

Lettuce (Red Flame)

Lettuce (Summer Queen)

Lettuce (Drunken Woman Fringed Head)

Lettuce (Apache)


Spinach (Santana)

Spinach (Bloomsdale)

Spinach (Red Stem)

Onion (Stuttgart Long Keeper)

Onion (Red Amposta)

Spring onion (Ishikura)


Cilantro (slow bolt)


Gogi berry

Dill (bouquet)

Cape gooseberry

Fennel (Florence)

Fennel (Sweet Leaf)

Celery (Elne)

Celery for cutting

Parsley (Gigante Italiano)

Parsley (Green Pearl)

Tomato (Amish Paste)

Tomato (Indigo Rose)

Tomato (Window box red)

Tomato (Bloody Butcher)

Tomato (Beefsteak)

Tomato (Brandywine pink)

Tomato (Russian Red)

Tomato (Pear Blend)

Tomato (Delicious)

Beet (Detroit Dark Red)


Chard (Cardinal)

Basil (Amethyst)

Basil (Sweet Genovese)

Basil (Thai Siam Queen)


And a bunch of flowers I won’t list…

For a total of about 1300 plants.

Many more to come…

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