And They’re Off!

100_3569 smHurrah! The gardening season has begun!

Though it was cold and rainy today, I began planting the early (onions, peas, spinach, lettuce, brassicas) and the slow-growing (peppers and eggplants) crops in trays today.

Now, my office/craft room also becomes a greenhouse. For the next three months it will house a growing array of seedlings that need a little extra warmth overnight.

For several years I started my seeds on top of an old electric blanket in the shed. It worked fine at keeping the seeds warm, but I had difficulty keeping the rats and birds from digging up the seeds and eating them.

Then I discovered that the blanket was getting wet in spite of the plastic I employed to protect it. I decided that, rather than risk burning down the shed or electrocuting myself with a decidedly off-label use of an electric blanket, I should move my plants.

The office has proven a wonderful greenhouse. The seedlings sprout quickly and without fail, and the large sliding glass doors let in plenty of sunlight. And there are no rats or birds to contend with.

The only downside is the humid atmosphere in the office for the spring months. What is good for plants isn’t exactly the best for people or office supplies!

Maybe someday I’ll have a heated greenhouse. Until then, I’ll have to make do with an office full of plants.

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