Friends don’t let friends plant horseradish

You can pull it out, but it will never die.

You can pull it out, but it will never die.

When we first moved in, ten years ago, we had big plans for the landscaping around the property. The first priority, however, was the vegetable garden. Even before we moved in, we had the garden tilled.

So it was natural that, when we had the odd plant that was supposed to go in some perennial bed not yet existent, we tucked it into the vegetable garden until its ultimate home was ready.

In my foolishness, I did this with horseradish.

I have spent the last ten years regretting it.

The horseradish never did establish well where we wanted it, but it thrives in the vegetable garden. I have dug it out down to 30 cm. I have planted large, smothering crops over it. I weed it out as soon as it pokes its leaves above ground. And still, the patch expands every year.

I like horseradish, and we eat the larger roots I pull, but never again will I plant it where I don’t want it.

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