Nuts to you!

DSC_0011 copyWe regularly discuss the fact that we don’t eat enough nuts. We love nuts, and they’re good for us, but we just don’t always think to use them as often as we could.

When we were given a large quantity of walnuts in their shells, I wondered if we would manage to eat them all—our damp winters can cause walnuts in the shell to mould. I spread them out on a drying screen for a few days, to make sure they were fully dry before bagging them.

But when I went to bag them, I found there were far fewer there. Because they were sitting out, we were all snacking on them throughout the day. The kids enjoyed cracking them, enjoyed the challenge of trying to extract a nut meat whole.

So instead of putting them all in the cupboard, I left a small bowl of them sitting on the table with a nut cracker. I’m finding I have to refill the bowl every couple of days.

Who would have thought it would be so easy to get us to eat more nuts? I didn’t have to work out a new nut burger recipe, or remember to throw a handful of cashews into my stir fries. All I had to do was make it easy and fun to snack on them.

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