Helpful kids

still life with nails sm*Sigh*

Dropped a wall on my hand today, so this will be short…typing skills aren’t really up to snuff at the moment.

It’s been a busy week of DIY at our house. Everyone in the family has been involved in one way or another. The days have been long and exhausting, but it’s been great to watch the kids help out, confidently and competently, in so many ways. Not just hammering nails and measuring things. In spite of the demands of the project (in fact, because of it, most days) we still need to eat. Fortunately, the kids are old enough now, they can take care of food, letting the adults spend every possible minute building.

At lunch time, kids get out the bread, cheese, pickles and other lunch items, and call us when it’s ready.

They can also cook dinner, if we’re at a stage where we can’t stop to cook. All those frustrating times teaching them how to chop, sauté, and bake (when having them “help” meant it took twice as long to make dinner), have begun to pay off!

(Especially handy when you’ve dropped a wall on your hand.)

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