Recipe Reminiscing

DSC_0001 copyBren’s Quince Paste

Vilma’s Marinated Eggplant

Mrs. Cassel’s Mint Tea


Recipes linked to a person. Old friends, neighbours, family members.


Susan’s Tofu Meatballs

Ray’s Potato Bread

Mom’s Cheesecake


Each recipe is a story, a memory.


Virginia’s Chocolate Shortbread Hearts (made for our wedding party)

Lisa’s Orange Biscotti (first eaten at her house while her husband, Pete, taught me to knit)

Granny’s Tabouli (granddaughter Rhian, one of my housemates at Uni, collected bras)


Other recipes evoke a place.

DSC_0004 copy

Donuts (Camp Tamarack, where we made them with children during cultural history lessons)

Rosti a la Grenada (Grenada, eaten while visiting friend Ginger during her Peace Corps service)

Ricotta (Panama, made with Klim powdered milk; it was the height of luxury in our mud house life)


You could read our life story, know our friends, just by flipping through our recipe book. As good as a photo album; every turn of the page is another image, another taste of from our past.

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