Pandemic Poetry–Part 2, #4

Baking time!

With 11 new cases in one day, and the virus spreading outside of Auckland, we knew what yesterday’s announcement from the prime minister would be. My only surprise was how short the initial extension was. I don’t think any of us really expects to be out of lockdown in less than a week.

Stay safe everyone. Wear your mask and wash your hands!

Three days locked down aren’t enough.
to crush that new virus is tough.
Spend a few days more
Behind your closed door
’Til the virus runs off in a huff.

Pandemic Poetry–2021 Edition

cat lying on a book
The cat illustrating proper lockdown behaviour.

I had a different blog post planned for today, but at 6:20 pm yesterday, the prime minister announced we were entering lockdown today. A case of Covid was detected in the community and, as it is suspected to be the Delta variant, the entire country is locked down.

So here we are again. I am thankfully no longer living in a shed, and there’s no longer a builder’s fence along our front boundary, but this morning I made sure there was a poem posted out front. 

Kia kaha everyone. Stay safe, wear a mask, and wash your hands!

We knew it might happen,
this déjà vu.
With Delta running rampant
our options were few.

We sigh, we might grumble.
It’s surely a pain
To be stuck here in lockdown,
in bubbles again.

But the reasons are sound and
the goal is quite clear.
We’ve enjoyed some rare freedom
for over a year.

If we can hold back the virus
a little while longer,
Roll out those vaccines
so the whole nation’s stronger,

We might just escape
the tragic events—
The overworked nurses
and hospital tents—

That much of the world
has suffered this year
As Delta’s roamed widely,
spreading sickness and fear.

So take a long walk,
join that meeting online,
Just hang with your bubble.
It’ll all turn out fine.