Pandemic Poetry: Poem of the Day, 18 April 2020

I put today’s poem up in pouring rain, and the fence was a little too visible against the wet building wrap, so here’s today’s poem typed out, in case you can’t read it on the photo:

I have thrown my watch away.
The magpie tells me when morning’s arrived.
My stomach announces lunch.
It’s time for tea when the water is hot.
And anytime’s good for brunch.
Dinner we make as the sun’s light fades.
And wine is for after dark.
Bedtime is sometime when boredom takes hold
And exhaustion puts out our spark.

Pandemic Poetry: Poem of the Day, 14 April 2020

It’s a crisp cold morning, inside and out. We’re beginning to really look forward to living in a house again some day.

But working in the garden is warm work, and we’ve been doing a fair bit of it–the blank canvas of the new property is starting to fill in.

And I’m still quite enjoying the laughter and smiles as people stop by to read the daily poem. So many other lovely things have been happening around the community, too–Easter eggs in windows and hanging from tree branches and fences, encouraging messages and jokes written in chalk on the sidewalk, rocks painted with good wishes tucked in the grass where walkers will see them. We may be physically distant, but folks have definitely come together as a community to pull through this. Kia kaha everyone!


Pandemic Poetry: Poem of the Day, 11 April 2020

In for the long haul now, everyone!

This poem is long enough, I’ll type it out for you, since I’m not sure you can read it on the photo.

We’ve got the lockdown blues
The lockdown blues
Ain’t no point in even puttin’ on shoes.
Can’t go out,
Can’t stay in,
Tired of hangin’ out with your kin.
Don’t know the day,
Don’t know the hour.
When was the last time I bothered to shower?
We’re tired of devices,
Sick of our screens.
We’re all so bored
We’re moping like teens.
We’ve learnt to bake bread,
Knit and crochet.
A walk round the block
We do twice a day.
We’ve got the lockdown blues
The lockdown blues.
Ain’t no point in even puttin’ on shoes.

Pandemic Poetry: Poem of the Day, 9 April 2020

I was thinking last night, as my husband and daughter were playing ping pong on the dining table, that I am blessed to be in lockdown with those two. I wish our son were also with us; for all the stress of such close quarters, it’s lovely to have the excuse to spend time together.

I hope you are all staying safe and healthy and making the most of the difficult situations we’re all in. Kia kaha!