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Riccarton Market

Check out a range of excellent books by members of the Christchurch Writers’ Guild. A great opportunity to pick up some Christmas gifts and support our awesome local talent!

Sunday 12 December 2021, 9 am – 2 pm

Upcoming Bugs and Books Programmes

Meet some local creepy crawlies and an author who brings them to life on the page. Get up close and personal with live bugs, and learn a little about what they’re up to in our back yards. Author Robinne Weiss will introduce you to the stranger-than-fiction facts about insects, and talk about how she uses those facts to create characters with superhero-like abilities.

Lincoln Library
Sunday 27 February 2022, 1-3 pm

Te Ara Ātea (Rolleston)
Sunday 6 March 2022, 1-3 pm

Upcoming Dragon Defence League Programmes

Shhh! Don’t tell anyone—there are dragons living in New Zealand.  Author Robinne Weiss has populated the motu with dragons in her Dragon Defence League series, for ages 8 to 13. But the dragons are a secret, and they’re in trouble. Find out more about these elusive animals and become part of the Dragon Defence League while you make dragon puppets, design a dragon of your own, and search for the dragon’s hoard in the library.

Lincoln Library
Wednesday 20 April 2022, 10.30-11.30 am

Leeston Library 
Wednesday 20 April 2022 1.30-2.30 pm

Te Ara Ātea (Rolleston)
Thursday 28 April 2022, 10.30-11.30 am

Darfield Library 
Thursday 28 April 2022, 1.30-2.30 pm