Great Deals

2016-03-20 15.33.57 sm

Sack of daffodil bulbs awaiting planting.

Some people can’t resist a deal.

“Wow, I got two dozen colour-coded, LED-lighted, Wi-Fi enabled sock hangars for the price of twelve!”

I am usually not one of these people.

I’ve even refused a free pair of shoes during a 2 for 1 sale—I only needed one pair, and the idea of finding another pair that fit was too stressful for me.

But when one of the local daffodil growers decided to downsize and sell off bulbs at $45 for 200, I couldn’t help myself. We wanted more daffodils anyway.

Though maybe not 200.

Two hundred daffodil bulbs is actually somewhat intimidating.

Particularly since the garden areas already designated for bulbs are full.

Well, at least they’re not colour-coded, LED-lighted, Wi-Fi enabled sock hangars.