2016-02-26 12.56.09 smOh, limp plant!
I know how you feel
When the wind blows hot
And the brain cells congeal.
And you’d give all you own
For a cool glass of water
But nothing will help
As the sun burns still hotter.

And you know it must end,
But it all comes to grief
When the sun goes down
And you get no relief.

For the night wind, too,
Blows hot and blows dry,
And your leaves stay limp
Though the moon’s in the sky.

Then, just before dawn
You feel the wind shift.
And you pray for some rain,
That life-giving gift.

As the drops start to fall
You breathe a great sigh
And lift your leaves up

To give thanks to the sky.

Beautiful food

2016-02-22 17.55.00 smI was making a lovely Indian dish the other day, with paneer, zucchini, green beans and tomato, and as I stirred everything into the pot, I couldn’t resist taking a photo.

And I realised that half my enjoyment of food comes from the beauty of the colours and shapes in the pot and on the plate. That beauty is what turns an ordinary meal into an extraordinary one.