2016-02-01 15.47.45I don’t wear jewellery.

No earrings—they irritate my ears—the last time I wore them was at my sister’s wedding twenty-three years ago, and that was the first time in years.

No necklaces or bracelets—they hang down and catch on things as I’m working.

And rings are hopeless. I lost the stone from my engagement ring twice—knocked out by some violent motion—before I gave up on wearing that. I even regularly threaten to remove my wedding band, as it catches in tools and branches.

Frankly, no jewellery stands a chance of survival on me.

But when this gorgeous ornament (a yellow admiral) landed on my hand today, I stopped what I was doing. I ignored my work for as long as it was content to stay there. This sort of jewellery, I’ll wear.