Apricot Upside Down Cake

2016-01-19 18.48.49 smIt’s apricot season, and though our tree isn’t giving yet, we’ve been buying lots of them. They began to mould today. There was only one thing to do–make apricot upside down cake!

The original upside down cake was made with canned pineapple rings, and was developed as a way to get people to buy canned pineapple. But I think it’s better made with fresh apricot slices.

Now, if only I had some whipped cream to go with this…

Sunrise, Sunset

100_3310 smThe days are getting shorter.

You might not notice unless you push the daylight as hard as I do. Because I get up so early, I can feel the shrinking days by early January.

It starts with me oversleeping. I don’t use an alarm, so as the days get shorter, I find myself sleeping longer. Just by a few minutes at first, but by now I don’t open my eyes until 5.15 am, and don’t bother getting up until 5.30—the animals tell time by the sun and won’t look for me until then anyway.

At some point, I’ll have to switch to getting up in the dark. At some point, the days won’t be long enough.

But for now, I’ll enjoy the extra sleep.