A Saucy Meal

100_3799 smI made kūmara (sweet potato) chips for dinner today. Normally I would just serve them with ketchup. But our new chickens are already laying, and Ian celebrated by making mayonnaise with one of the new eggs. I remembered a bit of salsa verde sitting in the fridge, and voila—we had a very saucy meal!

It was quite the mix of cultures—ketchup originated in China, salsa verde (my version with tomatillos) is Mexican, mayonnaise is French (or Spanish, depending on which side of the border you live on). And the sauces were all served on a South American vegetable that spread to Polynesia around 700 AD, and came to New Zealand as a traditional Maori food.

But there was no clash among these cultures this evening. All three sauces tasted great on the chips!


¡Buen provecho!

Bon appétit!

Kia mākona!

Chī hǎo!


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