Repurposed tent

100_3308 copyOur 30 year old Eureka tent finally gave up the ghost this past summer, after many previous repairs and many years of use. I salvaged as much hardware as I could from the tent, and was about to toss the remainder in the rubbish when my hand slid over the silky no-see-um netting of the tent’s windows. That beautiful mesh was still in perfect condition, as was a lot of the rip-stop nylon of the tent itself. I found myself unable to throw it away.

It wasn’t long before I came up with the perfect project for repurposing the tent—mushroom growing bags! Last year, we covered the mushrooms with old pillowcases to keep the fungus gnats from infesting them. The pillowcases were not quite long enough, and did a marginal job. Ian had already asked me to make some custom bags with draw string bottoms to keep the flies out. What could be more perfect than bags made of tough, largely waterproof tent nylon? Add a strip of that no-see-um netting so you can peek in to check on the mushrooms, and the project was perfect.

So yesterday, I whipped out a raft of these slick bags from the old tent fabric. Felt great to repurpose the old tent, and I can’t wait to try them out!