100_3284 copyIt is a bread day. A real bread day, with the wood fired bread oven. It feels like forever since we’ve fired up the oven—with a fire ban almost all summer, and major DIY weekends since.

Ian has been preparing for two days already—ramping up the sourdough, and gathering wood for the oven. My daughter and I walked to the neighbours before dawn to buy eggs (my chooks are on strike at the moment), and I spent the morning planning and preparing for the cakes and cookies I will bake after the bread is done. My son has chopped a pan of vegetables to roast for dinner, and later I’ll prepare a couple trays of pumpkins for baking and freezing.

The fire has been built and burnt, and built and lit a second time. Soon the oven will be hot enough, and the dough will be ready. Then the frenetic work will begin.

For the moment, we wait, in anticipation of the baking to come.

See a time lapse of a bread day at Crazy Corner Farm!