Welcome to the feast

100_3248 copyMy daughter wanted me to blog about Lego today.

“It’s gotta fit the 365 Days of Food theme,” I said. “Make a Lego feast, and I’ll blog about Lego.”

The result was a creative combination of preformed Lego food and her imagination, and reflects some of our favourite foods.

Bread, of course, is a central part of the feast. Sliced, in this case, with a sword, because Lego does not provide bread knives.

Flat round plates serve as pancakes, one of our common Sunday breakfast foods.

A Lego turkey, complete with dagger as carving knife, is a response to the fact the kids have several Lego turkeys. My daughter has, in fact, never eaten turkey.

Lego carrots are common, so naturally there is a bowl of carrots on the table.

A bowl of small red bricks represents balsamic glazed tomatoes—a lovely part of any feast.

There’s plenty to eat. Come join us at the Lego feast!