DSC_0034 smPopcorn makes any day special. Have you noticed that? Here at Crazy Corner, we make our popcorn the old fashioned way. First we plant the seeds. We water and weed. We wait and wait and wait. When the plants tassel, we ooh and aah over the beautiful burgundy silk. Then we wait and wait and wait some more. Long about April, the plants dry off, and we harvest the tiny, perfect ears of corn. We set them in the sun, letting the kernels dry, testing them regularly until they pop well.

The loose kernels sit in a jar in the kitchen waiting for a day like today. A day that needs something special. A bored kid, a game of Hunters and Gatherers, and a big bowl of popcorn.

We heat the oil in a glass lidded pot, so we can watch the action. A few minutes of popping and shaking the pan over the burner, a generous drizzle of melted butter, and a sprinkle of salt…and suddenly the blah afternoon sparkles a little.

Our home-grown popcorn isn’t the large-kernelled vapid stuff Orville Redenbacher sells. It’s one of many heirloom varieties. The dainty white puffs are flavourful enough they hardly need butter, and the texture is less like Styrofoam and more like a dry meringue. A real treat on any day!